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Data Integrity Matters Now™

Just Associates provides data integrity services that decrease healthcare information issues and minimize the ongoing cost of maintaining patient data quality.

Part Two: The Quest for 1%

In Part One, we discussed the ongoing challenges with patient identification and matching, and AHIMA’s recommendation to achieve a duplicate record rate of not more than 1%. In Part Two, we dig into specifics on the role database environments, duplicate error and creation rate calculations,…
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Part Three: The Quest for 1%

In Part Two, we explored the role database environments, duplicate error and creation rate calculations, workforce factors, and the types of patient matching algorithms play in doing so. In Part Three, we look at the ICMMR Cycle recommended by AHIMA to achieve a 1% duplicate rate.
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The Patient Matching Improvement Act of 2020, introduced in August and referred to the U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions, was touted as a bipartisan effort to both improve patient record matching and strengthen the nation’s COVID-19 response efforts by ensuring…
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Data Standards: The Devil is in the Details

Mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures are expected to continue in 2020 as a way for provider organizations to deal with industry challenges, according to Bloomberg Law. Which brings with it the need to consolidate databases—and the very real danger of winding up with dirty data when…
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Eliminating the Damage of Incomplete Data Capture

The lack of standardized data capture policies and processes across information systems has created a patient-matching nightmare for many HIM departments faced with untangling the mess incomplete data capture creates in their EMPIs.
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