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Partnerships, Initiative Updates Dominate Just Associates’ AHIMA21 News

By Karen Proffitt, MHIIM, RHIA, CHP, Vice President of Data Integrity Solutions

From adding biometric functionality to our suite of solutions and premiering two new product videos to participating in an update on ONC’s Project US@ Unified Specification for Addresses, Just Associates had plenty to say and share throughout the AHIMA21 Virtual Conference. We were both an exhibitor and supporting sponsor of the conference, which took place virtually Sept. 20-22, 2021.

One of the most significant announcements we made during the conference was our strategic partnership with RightPatient® to integrate biometric patient identification into our suite of MPI/EMPI management solutions. By protecting against front-end contamination, adding biometric functionality helps eliminate issues stemming from “dirty” patient identification data, ensures accurate patient identification at any point along the care continuum, and protects medical records against unauthorized access, ransomware attacks and other data breaches. This extra protection is particularly important now as pandemic-driven spikes in self-scheduling and self-registration have caused a surge in duplicate patient records. 

We also emphasized our ability to deliver the advanced services and technology solutions needed to address the broad spectrum of challenges associated with patient matching and data integrity as part of our partnership with QuadraMed® Corp. under the Harris Healthcare Data Integrity Solutions (DIS) umbrella. Together, Just Associates and QuadraMed bring healthcare organizations an unmatched level of innovation and expertise to solve the industry’s toughest data integrity challenges. Coupling our suite of identity management solutions – continuous duplicate detection (IDSentry™), ongoing MPI management (IDManage™) and customized MPI clean-up services (IDResolve™) – with QuadraMed’s HIPAA-compliant EMPI management platform, SmartID Platform™, Harris DIS identifies and resolves data quality issues, ensures more accurate patient matching, and supports organizational goals including quality patient care, streamlined HIM workflows and enhanced revenue cycle efficiencies.

During the conference, Rachel Podczervinski, MS, RHIA, our Vice President of Professional Services, participated in “Translating Technical Address Specifications into Operational Best Practice and Guidance for Project US@: ONC and AHIMA Joint Project,” a panel discussion to update attendees on Project US@ Unified Specification for Addresses. The two organizations are creating a companion guide to support technical specifications while highlighting best practices and guidance for capturing and maintaining a unified, industry-wide specification for representing patient addresses in EMPIs and other patient information systems. 

Finally, we premiered two videos exploring our innovative IDManage and IDSentry solutions. Part of our suite of patient identity management solutions, IDManage helps hospitals and health systems maintain a duplicate-free MPI with ongoing management while IDSentry delivers advanced patient matching through continuous duplicate detection and features HIM workflow and dashboard tools.