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Studies In Success

Our customized solutions are tailored to meet the varied needs of our customers. However, the results share a common theme: improved integrity of patient data captured by, stored within and transmitted across information systems.

Learn more about the specific issues our clients faced, and how we helped them resolve their data integrity issues and prevented new problems from occurring.

MPI Clean-Up

Northwell Case Study

Just Associates saves Northwell Health System $500,000 by accelerating, improving duplicate resolution. The process resulted in an 88% prove rate.

UW Medicine Study in Success

UW Medicine was working toward establishing a unique Epic Enterprise identifier for each patient within the full health system. Achieving that goal required moving Northwest Hospital, a nationally-recognized 281-bed community hospital, onto the same Epic registration system in place at its flagship facilities, UW Medical Center and Harborview.

Children’s Medical Center Dallas

Children’s Health in Dallas made a major financial commitment to a new EHR. But when the data from the old master patient index (MPI) was loaded into the new system, big problems arose. That's when Just Associates stepped in to help. Solving both current and future problems around duplicate record creation helped improve patient care and increase physician acceptance of the new EHR. The duplicate record rate was reduced from 22.0% to two tenths of 1% (0.2%) and now remains an exceptionally low 0.14%.

CHRISTUS St. Vincent

Conversion to Cerner Uncovers Massive Duplicate Record Problem – Just Associates quickly resolves data integrity issues.

IDManage - Ongoing MPI Management

University of California (UC) San Diego Health

To support its affiliated physician practices and the community it serves, UC San Diego opened access to its Epic EHR system through the Community Connect program. However, the health system quickly recognized missing, but crucial, pieces of the EHR-sharing puzzle: the need to address the scale/scope of duplicate records in the source master patient indexes (MPIs) and the overlap population between the source and target. Learn how Just Associates’ robust ongoing MPI support service, IDManage, provided a cost effective solution to support cleanup of each practice’s MPI prior to their integration into the network.

Jefferson Radiology

Outsourcing Ongoing MPI Management Ensures Data Integrity and Enables Effective Health Information Exchange for Jefferson Radiology-Since outsourcing its ongoing MPI management to Just Associates and IDManage, Jefferson Radiology has been able to maintain its duplicate rate well below 1%.

Sharon Regional Health System

Sharon Regional Taps Just Associates' IDManage to Maintain a Pristine MPI - By utilizing IDManage from Just Associates, Sharon Regional is able to leverage advanced technology and specially trained professionals for ongoing duplicate resolution to maintain a clean MPI.

IDSentry™: Advanced Patient Matching

Truman Medical Centers/ University Health - Kansas City, Missouri

Headquartered in Kansas City, MO, Truman Medical Centers/University Health (TMC/UH) is an academic medical center providing quality healthcare to the Kansas City community and beyond while providing innovative instruction that prepares doctors of the future to administer cutting-edge care to patients.

ID Master® - Duplicate Workflow Software

New Case Study Coming Soon

Duplicate Records Take too Long to Rectify – IDMaster workflow software speeds up the process.

Patient Access Consulting

The Children’s Hospital Denver

Rethinking Patient Identity Management – Just Associates works with newly appointed EMPI Analyst to improve reports and processes and radically decrease duplicate rate.

Children’s Medical Center Dallas

Duplicate Records Compromise EHR Investment – Identifying and resolving duplicates is the first step. Improving registration process keeps duplicates below 1%.

IDOptimize: Record Matching Algorithm Optimization

Large Teaching Hospital

Large Teaching Hospital Enhances Patient Matching Accuracy with Just Associates' IDOptimize – The dramatic improvement in accurate duplicate identification translates to enhanced overall EMPI data integrity and improved patient care.

Shore Memorial Hospital

Establishing Optimal Cerner Registration System Settings Reduces Patient Record Duplication – Cleaner data supports the hospital's ongoing participation in RHIO.

CHRISTUS St. Vincent

Conversion to Cerner uncovers massive duplicate record problem – Adjustments to Cerner's settings reduces duplicate create rate.

EMPI Consulting

Exempla Healthcare

Evaluating and Addressing the Need for an Effective EMPI – Implementation results in significant cost savings and operational benefits.

Data Migration

Peninsula Regional Medical Center

Relying on a Social Security Number Presents Risks – Careful planning results in successful conversion.