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Jackson Hospital, Montgomery, AL

Jackson Hospital is a 344 bed, community, not-for-profit hospital serving Montgomery and the Alabama River Region. This single facility was planning to add a diagnostic imaging and urgent care facility in the coming year.

For eight years, Jackson Hospital used Quadramed Affinity for registration, but subsequently converted to McKesson Star. There were duplicate records in the new system as a result of the conversion, and in turn, individual Corp ID numbers were automatically added for all guarantors for each visit to the facility in which they were the guarantor.

Jackson Hospital installed McKesson Horizon Patient Folders and several McKesson applications as part of their overall Information System. These included:

Horizon Med, Lab, Rad, Clinical Integration (HOM, HED, HEC, HEO) and Passport for their EMPI. 

They were planning to install additional McKesson applications (Admin RX, Horizon Performance Manager, Physician Portal and SmartCard for patient EMR portability) and requested assistance in analyzing their MPI data for duplicates and reconciling them prior to moving forward.

Just Associates analyzed the McKesson Star database for possible duplicates and performed validation. Questionable duplicates were subjected to additional research in several downstream systems including: Horizon Patient Folder, Horizon Lab and Horizon Radiology. Physical records were also used to verify possible duplicates. Confirmed duplicates were merged in McKesson Star, Horizon Radiology, Horizon Medical Imaging, Horizon Cardiology, Blood Bank and CoPath. Physical records were also reconciled by us.