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Ongoing MPI Management

The daily management of your MPI is a critical element of any data integrity strategy, because it ensures the clean and accurate patient information that leads to enhanced patient care and safety.

But the process of managing your MPI in an effective and efficient manner is time-consuming, manually intensive and error prone. That's why many hospitals and health care facilities are looking to outsource their ongoing MPI management to Just Associates.
IDManage® our ongoing MPI Management services provide:
• An experienced, thoroughly trained team dedicated to the efficient validation and eradication of duplicate records- available seven days a week.

• Elimination of backlogs and overflows, freeing up valuable staff resources to work on other important tasks.

• Ongoing monitoring to prevent new duplicate patient records and other issues from occurring and negatively impacting data integrity.

• Significant cost savings or cost neutral expenses, compared to recruiting, training and retaining qualified internal staff to address duplicate patient records and other data integrity problems.

• A head start on demonstrating meaningful use. A database free of duplicate patient records means the number of your unique patients is more accurate, not artificially inflated. This can get you closer to achieving several of the meaningful use criteria.
All Just Associates' Patient Identity Management Professionals are experienced patient identity experts. Using our sophisticated IDOptimize®,the patient matching algorithm optimization service and IDMaster®, our workflow software, we can analyze and resolve your ongoing data integrity problems quickly, efficiently and in a most cost effective manner.

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Just Associates, Inc. Provides MPI Clean-Up Services, Including Cleaning Duplicate MPI Records.
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