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Replay- The Patient Matching Dilemma; A Complicated Puzzle Worth Solving

Recorded on September 19, 2017

Patient matching is inherently complicated, making it an issue across the US healthcare system. How do we solve this critical problem without creating more challenges? This webinar addresses national patient matching initiatives currently underway in the US as well as the importance of patient matching in our healthcare systems. It touches on key stakeholders attempting to solve the patient matching issue, including professional associations, healthcare organizations, government sectors, and various public and private entities. The presenters, based on their own experience, cover best practices in patient matching. The conversation includes important practices and processes such as standardizing naming conventions, staff training, and policies and procedures. Proactive approaches to maintaining a clean environment and a low duplicate error rate, such as overlay monitoring and downstream system assessments, are also discussed. The presenters also examine the impact of data conversions on EMPI data integrity. By the conclusion of the webinar, attendees will be able to educate their staff and healthcare leaders in their facilities about the importance—and status—of patient matching.


  • Define patient matching, and describe the importance of patient identity to our US healthcare system. 
  • Discuss national initiatives working to solve the problem; identify key contributors and approaches.
  • Explore core, proven strategies and industry best practices to minimize the patient matching challenge.
  • Learn the impact of data conversions, and receive tips on maintaining EMPI data integrity.


Vice President, National Sales
Just Associates, Inc

Karen Proffitt MHIIM, RHIA, CHP

Vice President, Consulting
Just Associates, Inc

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