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HIO and EMPI Consulting

Our consultants have a wide-breadth of experience within the Health Information Organization consulting (HIO), Enterprise Master Patient Index consulting (EMPI) and medical records management domains.  Our firm focuses exclusively on the processes and technology that form the foundation of proper patient identification and electronic record linking.

We have a strong understanding of what it takes to obtain and maintain clean MPIs and how to successfully connect MPIs within IDNs. This broad understanding of what is needed to successfully connect patient data enables us to help clients identify and define EMPI requirements.

HIO Consulting

Two concepts of great interest to health information organizations are data governance and data stewardship. Data governance is a process focused on managing the quality, consistency, usability, security, and availability of information. Data stewardship involves managing the enterprise's data assets in order to improve their reusability, accessibility, and quality. Data quality is the cornerstone of these two initiatives. We focus on helping you achieve new levels of data quality to support your data strategies. 

Our HIO consulting services include: Record linking and matching, EMPI requirements definition and RFP creation, EMPI configuration, system interface consulting, data mapping, EMPI Clean-Up and outsourced E/MPI management. 

Our expertise in patient matching algorithm optimization has been leveraged by both our provider clients and software vendors to get the most out of their systems.

EMPI Consulting

Our Enterprise Master Patient Index consulting practice includes: EMPI configuration consulting, interface testing, data mapping, patient data integration consulting, operational consulting related to maintaining a clean EMPI and EMPI Clean-Up projects, EMPI requirements definition / RFP creation and EMPI maintenance.  Through these Enterprise Master Patient index consulting projects, we have worked with every major health information system (HIS) and EMPI system in the market.

Our Expertise

EMPI Configuration
Proper configuration of the EMPI is essential in prevention of patient identification issues and problems.  An example of this is designing the guarantor data entry.  Unless care is taken with how this function works, clients may be inadvertently creating an overlay of patient information with guarantor information.  Maximal configuration requires an in-depth understanding of database structure and the implications of the choices made during system design.

Interfaces Between Systems
Different system interfaces either contribute to overall data integrity within the organization or represent a weak link that can cause integrity failures.  Determining which classification a specific interface falls into requires a mature understanding of system complexities.  Just Associates can provide proper testing scenarios that expose weaknesses.

Data Mapping
Improper data mapping can create data integrity issues.  When fields are either not mapped to the correct field in the receiving system, or if table-driven values are not converted properly, the validity of the receiving systems' information is compromised. Our vast knowledge of different HIS and EMPI systems ensures that your data will be mapped correctly.

Data Governance Consulting

Data governance guides every aspect of data integrity within an organization. From assessing and mitigating risks to identifying and closing policy and procedure gaps, a strong data governance program ensures proactive management throughout the data lifecycle.

We will develop and implement a thorough data governance program to protect data integrity from collection and utilization to storage and retirement, including:


  • EMPI Product Assessment/Selection
  • Data Load Process Design
  • Standardization of Patient Record Searching
  • Managing Duplicate Reconciliation and Staff Training
  • Assessment/Development of Policies and Procedures
  • Ongoing Data Management
  • Reporting


Just Associates has the expertise to establish solid data governance practices that deliver compelling results and ensure the integrity of patient data across the enterprise.

Data Migration Services

Just Associates offers a wealth of knowledge regarding HIM operational processes and health information technology solutions such as Cerner Millennium, McKesson, Siemens, Eclipsys, Epic, Meditech and IDX. Our expertise is founded on the large scale, complex health data integrity projects that we've successfully completed at numerous multi-hospital organizations.

We often identify health data integrity issues of which hospitals are not aware and work closely with hospital staff to develop workable, cost-effective solutions to remedy them. As health information professionals we understand the meaning of the data stored and shared among hospital systems. This gives us a unique vantage point and improves our ability to identify and avert health data integrity problems.
Technical Services


  • Evaluate vendor healthcare data migration specifications in relation to implementation requirements
  • Evaluate data mappings and conduct a data mapping gap analysis
  • Develop data acquisition strategies, including data conversion, planning, and data requirements
  • Review HL7 messaging to ensure the accurate exchange of patient identification data
  • Design, analyze and develop process reengineering methodologies
  • Assist in standardizing data management procedures
  • Develop test scenarios for all levels of application and interfaces
  • Test, design, develop and test interfaces
  • Provide consultation for the design, development and implementation of technical products and systems related to health data integrity


Project Management

  • Manage the coordination and completion of patient data integrity projects
  • Establish and maintain business relationships with internal and external customers
  • Develop IT projects to meet the business needs of the customers
  • Oversee all aspects of patient data integrity projects, including setting deadlines, assigning responsibilities, and monitoring/summarizing project progress
  • Ensure that IT consulting initiatives are met in a timely manner and within a prescribed budget
  • Prepare and coordinate all levels of project management documentation