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IDSentry Advanced Patient Matching

IDSentry Duplicate record software

Finally, a Solution to Efficiently Identify Costly Duplicate Records

Why don’t certain problems get better over time?  Why do modern-day EHRs continue to produce duplicate record rates that hover between 8% and 12%? 

Knowing the ongoing risks and implications to patient care and the revenue cycle—not to mention the focus on interoperability--it makes you wonder what obstacles are keeping a truly clean master patient index (MPI) out of reach.

The answer is straightforward. While EHRs are incredibly powerful at managing overall patient populations, many utilize strict matching rules on name and demographics, or they leverage rudimentary “fuzzy logic” algorithms that don’t hold up when multiple data discrepancies arise.

Certainly, robust enterprise master patient index systems (EMPIs) have entered the picture, and they’re doing a good job of reducing record duplicates. But because EMPIs solve multiple problems beyond duplicate record identification, there are times when these systems are like the proverbial “sledgehammer used on a tack.”

A simpler, more cost-effective solution exists… IDSentry.

Identifies More True Duplicates

Designed specifically for acute care hospitals and integrated delivery networks whose EHR systems use basic or intermediate fuzzy-matching techniques, IDSentry identifies possible duplicate medical records. In fact, it identifies more true duplicates than systems that rely on basic and even intermediate patient matching algorithms.

What makes IDSentry so powerful is an advanced algorithm that identifies duplicates when multiple discrepancies exist across patient names, addresses, birthdates, Social Security Numbers, gender, and other demographic data. And, because IDSentry is delivered as a Subscription Service offering, costs are predictable, affordable, and lower than a full-function EMPI. For most healthcare organizations, IDSentry can reduce overall costs by 40% or greater when compared to more costly alternatives.

Coupled with Just Associates’ IDManage™ MPI management solution for full and ongoing duplicate resolution, your healthcare organization can enjoy a truly comprehensive and affordable data integrity solution. 

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