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Just Associates conducts and sponsors informational webinars throughout the year. To find out when our next webinar will be check this page often!
How A Mock Audit Can Identify Gaps in Preparedness
Thursday, February 12, 2015
12:00PM CST

Attendees will listen and learn from an expert on the expectations and what is at stake in the next round of OCR audits. The presenter will outline a step-by-step process of early preparedness that can be achieved now to resolve gaps identified by conducting a mock OCR audit. This webinar will also identify likely areas of OCR focus and help participants develop successful strategies for ongoing HIPAA compliance.

• Describe the requirements for HIPAA compliance in privacy, security and breach notification
• Relay current breach activity and increasing fines
• Breakdown the challenges of readiness for the next round of OCR audits
• Outline the components of a mock OCR audit
• Identify the process for preparing for OCR audit compliance
• Explain the benefits of gap detection and early resolution
Who Should Attend
Privacy Officer, Security Officer, Chief Information Officer, Chief Compliance Officer

Consultant/Chief Privacy Officer
Just Associates, Inc

Archived Webinar

The Juno Case - A Sentinel Event
Involving a Critical Transcription Error
Friday, May 16, 2014
4:00 PM MST

AHDI-APPROVED CEC: 1 M(Medicolegal)

Attendees of this presentation will be provided with the facts, timeline, and content of information and events that led to the unfortunate death of a patient that was related to a medical transcription error. Throughout the session, we will discuss and contemplate the issues and the ramifications for the future as it relates to medical transcription and critical errors in analyzing a lawsuit.

Participants will be able to:
1. Explain the circumstances and medical events leading up to the lethal dose of medication;
2. Analyze the legal process and steps taken to prove this highly contested case;
3. Discover and discuss the findings on both sides and suggest opportunities for improvement, moving forward;
4. Conclude transcription's role of responsibility for critical errors in healthcare documentation in this case.

This presentation is intended to review a case that has already taken place with jury decision and award having been rendered. It is designed to elicit questions, be thought provoking. Lively discussion is expected and encouraged.

Consultant/Chief Privacy Officer
Just Associates, Inc

Archived Webinar
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