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Eliminating duplicate medical records can be a tedious, labor-intensive task–one that drains your limited resources and prevents your team from working on other important projects. That's why we developed IDMaster®, our workflow software from Just Associates, designed to reduce the time it takes to review duplicate pairs, document the validity decisions, track productivity and add efficiency to the entire process.

We have been using IDMaster internally for years. In fact, we use it to power all of our MPI Clean-Up and Ongoing MPI Management projects because it provides the best possible workflow methodology to resolve duplicate master patient index software records quickly and efficiently.

• Supports Timely Review - Customizable, side-by-side views of potential duplicates, highlighted discrepancies, flexible data field layouts, and supplemental master patient index data imports make it easy to take all important factors into consideration when making a validity decision.
• Is Built for Flexibility – IDMaster can be tailored to any unique review process, includes functionality to insert checkpoints to allow for improved quality assurance, tracks and documents each step involved in the workflow, enables productivity tracking, and provides a detailed audit log to monitor performance at any point in time.
• Provides Advanced Duplicate Review – Users can view up to eight possible duplicates in a single view, helping reduce the possibility of merging the wrong records.
• Enables Control over Merging Duplicates - IDMaster supports human review and quality assurance before records are merged. Once decisions are final, IDMaster produces an export file of confirmed duplicates, non-duplicates, and those records requiring additional research. IDMaster further supports merging records in downstream systems such as radiology, pharmacy and lab systems.
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Just Associates, Inc. Provides MPI Clean-Up Services, Including Cleaning Duplicate MPI Records.
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